Toddler Fun Sound Recorder

Are you looking for an app to support your child's natural creativity with sounds? With this easy-to-use app they will be telling stories, inventing jokes or conducting a homemade orchestra as they enjoy the possibilities of sound and make their own sound machine!

Imagine the fun you can have with storytelling, bringing the story to life as you record fun sound effects and voices with a character image to match!

Simply touch the microphone to start/stop recording a maximum of 10 second clips, assign one of your own images to each clip and position it on the screen.Tap away to playback single or multiple sounds at the same time!.

If they are telling a story, they can get even more creative by replacing the image assigned to the sound with one they have just taken!

We have designed this app for young children to give them an amazingly intuitive app experience, hence NO ADs, a clutter-free screen and an app that rotates with your device. Our aim has been to provide an app which your child will love playing and improve their creative skills without unnecessary distractions.