Toddler Memory Animal Game

Beautifully drawn animals in the classic memory game designed for preschool or school age children. They will start off with a 4x3 grid of any picture you want, use your imagination! The aim is to match the pairs and have fun earning the rewards.

You know what motivates and excites your child whether it's a picture of themselves with their favourite toy, videos of fun family moments or words of praise from mum or dad - use your imagination to decide what the rewards should be! Children love hearing familiar voices and seeing pictures of themselves and this paid version of the app allows you to easily change the icons and create picture video or sound rewards - so easy that your toddler will want to do it themselves!

We have designed this app for young children to give them an amazingly intuitive game play experience so they will love playing and learning to count without unnecessary distractions. A hidden gesture allows parents to access the main page, all you have to do is touch all four corners of the screen at the same time for two seconds and then release. The children will be left with a clutter free screen and minimal interruptions to their game.