Fifteen Puzzle / Slide Puzzle

The puzzles challenge the player to slide the tiles into their correct positions. The Fifteen Puzzle is a classic logic game more than one hundred years old. Also known as 15-puzzle or Game of Fifteen.

✓ This version allows the player to move multiple tiles in one move!

✓ Using an advanced algorithm to gently increase the difficulty so that most players will enjoy this puzzle for the first time - including kids and those who never thought could solve such a puzzle!

✓ The simple mechanics are complemented with 25 levels which comprises a completed round.

✓ The minimum number of moves and the best time for a round is recorded to offer additional challenges and to improve skill.

✓ Colorful imagery is also included on the tiles which is fully revealed after each level, adding to the enjoyment.

✓ Try it, you'll be surprised how quickly one can discover insights into solving this puzzle faster and more optimally!

❀ Be careful, this app can be very addictive ❀